The Experience

We don’t make the experience. You do.

Paragon Medical Education Group provides the premiere interactive learning experience for all disciplines of healthcare. Utilizing hands-on interactive instruction and real world experiences, we can tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of your group and the constantly changing clinical environment. Students experience cutting-edge simulation integrated with scenario based education and hands-on procedural cadaver labs.

Participants will experience advanced lessons in human anatomy and physiology, as well as practical application of the latest cutting edge technologies. Through immersive training, attendees can expect to gain confidence in mass casualty response and emergency preparedness.

Build Your Experience

Build Your Experience

Each 3-part package listed below, or individual component of those packages, is entirely customizable for your organization’s needs.

Suggested Packages:

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Natural and Man-made Disaster Response
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Combat/Field Medicine
  • Emergency/ICU Department Skills Course
  • Device Demonstration

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of Paragon’s educational packages.

Our variety of topics are tailored to your learning experience and feature nationally-renown faculty.

Areas of Study

Didactic Lecture

  • Hemorrhage Control
  • Disaster Medicine
  • Active Shooter
  • Managing Disaster Response
  • The Pentagon Response during 9/11 Attacks
  • Hurricane Katrina Response
  • Hot Topics in Prehospital Care
  • Community Disaster Preparedness and Prehospital Care Update
  • Disaster Medicine 101: Dealing with the Ultimate Environmental Emergency
  • Disaster Medicine 201: Medical Issues confronting Emergency Responders
  • Blast Trauma Management
  • Health Department Disaster Medicine
  • Prehospital Issues in Stroke Management
  • Disaster Search Dogs

Procedural Cadaver Lab

  • Fresh, non embalmed cadavers of the highest quality.
  • Labs can be set up in any location.
  • Extreme-use cadavers available- Paragon can prepare cadavers for ballistics, crush, burn, and field extrication instruction.
  • Cadavers can be moved out of the lab environment and into the field for the most realistic skills training possible.

Interactive Scenario

  • High fidelity simulators and live actors
  • Realistic environments
  • Evolving operational exercises
  • IED simulation
  • Earthquake simulation
  • Hurricane simulation