Resource Solutions

Cadaveric Specimens


Paragon is your resource for providing human tissue to your existing educational courses. Our experts will work with you on how to best integrate the special gift of human tissue into your training environment- anywhere, anytime and in any conditions. Our team will handle all transportation, security and custodial needs for an unparalleled experience for students. 

Safety Consulting


   Paragon provides safety consulting and bystander first aid instruction to make  some of the nation's largest companies a safer place to work, including AED recommendations and instruction on Hands Only CPR.  Let us work with your security teams to enhance active shooter response training as a trained provider of Stop the Bleed ®.

Medical Device Companies


   Paragon will work with your sales teams to help decision makers and end-users to test  your products on human tissue, provide unparalleled education in A & P, and how the product is right for your client. 

Military and Special Operations


Paragon works with both Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Special Operations Teams, both domestic and international, to enhance field capabilities and treatment skills. Our instructors will improve your teams' critical thinking, situational awareness and response and resource management- when life is on the line.

Performance improvement Solutions

EMS, Fire & Law Enforcement


    Paragon will work with you to create a learning experience for your providers addressing their exact performance needs.  Students will perfect their skills with hands-on human tissue instruction, through high-fidelity scenarios and in interactive lectures by our award-winning staff.  We  provide “Integrated Response” training- bringing together EMS and Law Enforcement personnel for mass-casualty best practices, advise on latest issues and management of patients in the field.

Regional Trauma Systems & Health Departments


 Death and long-term disability due to traumatic injuries are increasing at an alarming rate across America.  Rapid diagnosis and specialized treatment is the key to reducing the morbidity and mortality rates of trauma patients.  Paragon works with with public and private entities to reduce trauma-related mortality and morbidity rates, and maximize emergency response for your community.

Hospitals & Emergency Departments


  Improve staff core competencies, skills, confidence in the field and critical decision-making. Break down barriers between physicians, nurses and EMS- and connect the dots for learners between the how and why of patient care.  

Industry Tradeshows & Conferences


The Paragon team will enhance your event with unique and state-of-the-science lectures, provide turn-key Pre-Con human tissue labs and high-fidelity, hands-on scenarios for conference attendees.